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               Paint Protection Film (PPF) Questions and Answers                  

 Is it really invisible?
There are slight visible edge lines, but ClearBra PPF is very difficult to see once it is properly applied, the majority of people will not even notice it.
The most visible part will be the top edge of the ClearBra on the hood, which most people agree is very slight.  
ClearBra looks like the clear-coat finish of your car/truck/bike/boat/rv, except it is slightly thicker and more mirror like.
The texture of ClearBra may vary slightly from your vehicles paint texture, the 3M film we use is virtually orange-peel free.
A well installed ClearBra will be almost undetectable from 5 to 7 feet away, hood edge and all..

How long will it last?
EPA mandated paints on modern vehicles are extremely susceptible to paint damage, especially on the front end.
ClearBra creates a resilient (trampoline like) barrier that will take years of abuse from gravel, dirt, salt, rocks, sand and other air and waterborne projectiles that would otherwise have your paint real messed up. 
Much like the paint on your car, whether or not the car is garaged or is kept washed and waxed will make a big difference in the life span of the ClearBra. 3M PPF products are warranted for 5 years to original purchaser, but the material has an average life span of about 8 years.

How is the ClearBra PPF applied?
ClearBra 3M Paint Protection Film is applied onto the shape of the front end and various other sections of your car's exterior and semi-permanently adhered to the paint. 3M PPF material comes to us in a large roll. We cut the film into shapes to fit various parts of your car. These pieces are then applied to the vehicle in a very similar fashion to that of window tint, only, with an experienced installer it can be conformed to some very complex shapes.

Can I apply PPF myself?
Not likely, although there are many online firms selling PPF kits to the do-it-yourselfer, the kits they sell usually don't offer wrapped hoods, fenders and full coverage bumpers because they are too hard to install. Thus the kits they sell generally have a 1/4" exposed area around all edges, (click the images) on most vehicles this is the area that gets the first damage from stones. The smaller kit the easier to install.

    short fender kit
Almost all bumpers require an experienced hand, as well as mirrors and especially most headlights, as the material headlights are made of is much smoother than a painted surface and the film is more difficult to lay down..
But, even though PPF is in most cases difficult to install, it does its job of protecting your paint, so better to have a poor application and protected paint than a beat-up, rock-chopped paint

What if I want to take my car through a car wash?

Neither high-pressure nor brush type car washes will affect the application once it has fully cured. Bring it on, keep clean!

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What happens when I wax my car?
Use Synthetic Waxes Only!. Do Not use waxes or other products that contain petroleum distillates, dyes, abrasive polishes and/or rubbing compounds.
3M recommends 3Mô Performance Finish when waxing your car.

The ClearBra will accept wax and polishes just as your paint does, and, it will last longer with regular applications. Wax the film at the time as you wax the rest of the vehicle (every 3 to 4 months). 3M Recommends 3M Performance Finish Synthetic Wax #39030

What do I do if wax builds up on the edges of the kit when I wax my vehicle?
A soft, damp terrycloth towel, Q-Tip or soft brush will remove any wax build-up that may occur without harming your kit or your paint.

Can the ClearBra be removed?
Yes. And Let Me Tell Ya! If you remove your Paint Protection Film  4 to 7 Years after installation, it actually looks  like the day you covered it, perfect. It can be removed easily and will not damage the paint. To remove the film, you warm the surface with a small steamer or good hairdryer, while working a corner of the film with your fingernail. Once you have enough of the material free from the surface to hold on to, keep warming the attached area, slowly pull the film from the paint, it's easy, doesn't get all broke-up like vinyl lettering can. It comes off quite easy. Amazing stuff!
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