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                                                                        June 28th, 2006

Andy Chersinoff

Dear Andy,

CKNW Orphans' Fund is richer today in excess of $6,000.00 because of B.C.'s motorcycle enthusiasts who rode for the kids on Sunday.

The first ever CKNW Newscruise Motorcycle Ride with Philip Till and Jon McComb welcomed 170 bikes, totalling about 240 participants.  The event gathered at PNE, then it was out to Alouette Lake for a salmon BBQ, live music and raffle/prize giveaways. The event was a fabulous success by all accounts, with perfect weather, and pleas for us to hold another event next year.

The day could not have been as successful as it was without the dedicated volunteers and generosity of people eager to help. I'd like to thank you again for donating the paint protection film gift certificate for our raffle and helping to make the event such a success.

Please click on the following link for photos from the event:


Tracey May
CKNW Promotions Coordinator



For Immediate Release  April 22, 2006

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  Not Victoria’s Secret—This Clear Bra Is Damage Control For Auto Paint

  Vancouver, B.C., Canada, -- “ No, Clear Bra has nothing at all to do with Victoria’s Secret or ladies lingerie,” clarifies owner, Andy Chersinoff, “ClearBra is the street name for automobile paint protection film, a clear, nearly undetectable, protective poly urethane film that is designed to resist impacts from everyday damaging road hazards such has gravel, debris, stones, road salt, acidic bugs, parking lot scrapes and dings, while allowing a vehicles unique colour and luster to shine through”.

  The clear bra paint protection film systems are nothing new, although the average local enthusiast is unaware of how far the clear bra systems have come, or that they even exist. In fact, clear car bras have been on the market for quite some time. The market started to boom in the States sometime around 2002, in neighbouring Washington state alone there are somewhere between 60 and 75 paint protection film dealers. The technology was initially developed for the U.S. Armed Forces Aerospace program to protect carbon fiber helicopter blades from debris; the film has since evolved to auto and marine OEM and aftermarket applications.

  The natural trampoline effect provided by the ClearBras composition protects any car, truck, RV, SUV, trailer, motorcycle or boat, for many years to come, life expectancy is 7+ years. Although, a ClearBra is not easily noticed, it is constantly at work protecting the vehicle from unsightly and costly chips, nicks and scratches. When it is time to trade up or sell the vehicle, the film can be removed to reveal paint that looks like new.

  For most vehicles, the installation begins with an exact fitting computer cut pattern from bulk film, there are over 3000 vehicle patterns available. The surface areas where film is to be applied are cleaned and de-waxed, the film and vehicle are then moistened, film is then positioned in place and squeegeed onto the vehicle. Depending on the type of vehicle the process generally takes from 1 1/2 to 3 hours to install hood/fender, bumper and headlight package. For classic, exotics, hot rods etc. patterns are hand-made and take more time and talent.

“At present”, says, Chersinoff owner of, a local installation firm, “the cost to the consumer is quite reasonable; example: a 2006 Honda Civic hood/fender, bumper and headlights package is $395.oo, while a BMW X3 SUV is $536.oo, complete installed. currently offers convenient mobile on-site service throughout the Lower Fraser Valley, Vancouver area, of British Columbia.


The above graphic shows a hood being installed.

For more info : contact Andy Chersinoff  Phone 604- 613-0882                                                                E-mail:  URL:



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It may seem like an extreme and obvious but, that sort of adventure could be taking place right here in The Lower Mainland next year if it little snow. Protect Your Ride.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                       MARCH 22,2006
Contact: Andy Chersinoff
Email: Phone: 604-613-0882

Vancouver, B.C., March 22,2006 Paint Protection Film Services available in Greater Vancouver area of BC.

ClearBra paint protection film protects your vehicle's paint and headlights against frontal attacks from stones, abrasions, bug acids, surface scratches, basic sandblasting and weathering.

As paint technology evolves, so has the culture of maintaining our vehicles paint. Paint maintenance is no longer about using the proper wax or sealants to protect the paint’s surface from the environment. Water based paint is now standard in the automobile industry due to environmental regulations. Although, paint gloss and clarity is not affected by the paint’s composition, the strength is. Paint chipping from regular driving is now a norm due to its softness.

ClearBra paint protection film is a virtually invisible, indestructible, eight mil thick (.008") Urethane film that provides a durable barrier against stone chip damage and abrasion while allowing your vehicle's color and brilliance to show through without altering the vehicles intended design characteristics.

The technology was originally developed during Desert Storm for the U.S. Armed Forces to protect carbon-fiber helicopter blades from the ravages of sand.
This technology developed by Bekaert, Avery, Venture, Llumar, 3M, and Madico now offers vehicle owners a discrete, cost effective solution that keeps paint finishes looking as good as new, thereby reducing reconditioning costs and maximizing re-sale values, not to mention the loss in value of high line and exotic cars from a repaint.

Paint Protection Film is most often used to cover the front portion of the hood, painted bumpers, mirror backs and headlights, it is also commonly applied to truck bed rails, door edges, rocker panels, wheel openings, etc. Any painted surface of a car, truck, van, suv, rv, boat or motorcycle that is susceptible to wear/tear damage and rock chips can be protected.
Cost to have a Clearbra precut kit installed on the hood, front bumper and headlights of most cars and light trucks runs from around $375.00 for small cars to $700.00 or so for suv’s and high line cars. Expect to pay at least 40% more at the new vehicle dealership level.

Glance around any parking lot and see for yourself the damage that occurs from road debris impacting bare, unprotected paint. With all the construction happening in B.C. during the build up to the 2010 Winter Olympics, along with new bridges and regular road, residential and commercial construction, your vehicles paint is going to take a beating. 
Save your paint and vehicles value, paint protection film helps solve this problem and provides peace of mind that the paint on your vehicle will withstand the road debris impacts that undoubtedly will occur. services are mobile throughout the Lower Mainland of B.C., with plans for a centrally located installation facility in early 2007.

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