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3M Paint Protection Film
Preserves and Protects Paint For The Life Of Your Vehicle

-Virtually invisible and impenetrable protection from road debris,  stones, bugs, abrasions and environmental elements.
-Fits like skin, perfect for high quality vehicle paint. 
-UV inhibitors to maintain the colour clarity for the life of the installation.
-Will not change colours, or turn yellow.
-Does not alter vehicle appearance.
-Also protects headlights from hazing, pitting, breaking and cracking.

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Feeling Lucky?                                         
Every time you venture out on the road you subject your vehicle to potential damage from stones, rocks, sand, road debris, and other air and water-borne hazards.                       

Glance around any parking lot and see for yourself the damage that occurs from road debris impacting bare, unprotected paint. 
Don't Gamble With Your Vehicles Paint!
Save your paint and your vehicles value, ClearBra paint protection film helps solve this problem and provides peace of mind that the paint on your vehicle will withstand the road debris impacts and parking lot scrapes and scratches that undoubtedly will occur.

ClearBra 3M paint protection film defends and guards your vehicle's paint against attacks of stones, rocks, abrasions, bug acids, surface scratches, basic sandblasting and weathering. 
ClearBra allows your vehicle's color and brilliance to show through without altering the manufacturer's intended design characteristics. 
is made from a clear, flexible, energy absorbent  vehicular urethane paint protection film. 

This rugged transparent material will not crack, yellow, shrink or peel over time and is used by most major automobile manufacturers. 
The excellent design and performance of ClearBra 3M paint protection films significantly aid in sustaining the value of your vehicle. 
With ClearBra, there now is no reason to subject the paint on your vehicle to the damage that road debris causes.

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Your Headlights Take A Beating Also
Studies have shown that 1 out of 6 automobiles will require headlight replacement due to damage from road debris.
Headlights used to be standardized sealed beams and inexpensive to replace, but as manufacturers began designing headlights as an integral part of the aerodynamic and aesthetic design of vehicles, they became "non-standardized". These replacement lights are only available at car dealerships and therefore have become increasingly expensive, not to mention the high cost of shop labor for installation. The average cost of a single headlamp today is well over $500.00 and whether your headlights are glass or plastic, they are prone to damage from road debris in one form or another. Glass lenses can easily break or crack causing moisture to accumulate inside the capsule which eventually results in bulb failure, while plastic lenses often become dull and hazy from constant exposure to road debris and the elements.

Every time you venture out on the road you subject your vehicle to potential damage from sand, road debris, and other hazards.

Protect Your Ride With 3M Paint Protection Film
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3M Certified Paint Protection Film Installer
Mobile ClearBra Service In Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia
Including Hope, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Mission, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows,
Langley, Surrey, Delta, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby,
New Westminster, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Squamish
and Whistler

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